City Officials

Elected Officials:

Mayor: Lowell Bengry

Council Members:

Keith Kakuk Jr
Amy Larson
Paul Parmentier
Dale Parrett
John Starzynski
Ronald Zahorik

Appointed Officials:

Mayor Pro-Tem: John Starzynski
Treasurer: Barbara Parrett
City Clerk: Judy St. Juliana
Utility Billing / Deputy Clerk: Karen Gardiner
City Tax Assessor: John Anderson
Street Administrator: Dale Parrett
Fire Chief: Brian White
Attorney: Grant Selsor
Building Inspector: Alphonse Oczus
Superintendent of Public Works: Ken Marklein
Zoning Administrator: Lowell Bengry

Committee Appointments:

Communications: Paul Parmentier
Finance: Ronald Zahorik
Industrial Park: John Starzynski
Insurance, Health, and Property: Amy Larson
Parks: Paul Parmentier and John Starzynski
Personnel: John Starzynski
Streets: Dale Parrett
Technology: Amy Larson
Utilities: Dale Parrett & John Starzynski