City of Stephenson, MI

City Officials

Elected Officials:

Mayor: John Starzynski

Council Members:

Amy Larson
Dale Parrett
David Solander
Howard Fredrickson
Martha Haight
Ronald Zahorik

Appointed Officials:

Mayor Pro Tem: Ron Zahorik
Fire Dept. Liaison: Dale Parrett
City Clerk: Tammy Van Domelen
Deputy Clerk: Jody Monette
Treasurer/Deputy Clerk: Karen Gardiner
Assessor: Leon R. Felch (Miscauno Tax Assessing, LLC)
Street Administrator: Dale Parrett
Fire Chief: Rick Bastien
Asst. Fire Chiefs: Brian White, Ken Marklein
Mid-Cty Rescue Squad Liaison: John Starzynski
Police Chief: Contracted to Menominee County Sheriff’s Dept.
Attorney: Jacob D. Lynch
Charter Commission Attorney: Peter Letzmann
Building Inspector/Code Official: Alphonse Oczus, Jr.
Supt. Of Public Works: Kenneth Marklein
Public Works Employees: Kenneth Marklein, Supt; Alton Macco, Asst. Supt; Jordan Belec, WWTP Operator
Zoning Administrator: Lowell Bengry
911 Governing Board: John Starzynski, Howard Fredrickson; Alternate, Rick Bastien; Fire Dept

Committee Appointments:

Budget: Ronald Zahorik (Chair), Mayor John Starzynski, Howard Frederickson
Technology/Communications/Security: Dave Solander (Chair), Amy Larson, [Vacancy]
Finance: Ronald Zahorik, (Chair), Dale Parrett, Dave Solander
Industrial Park: Howard Fredrickson (Chair), Ronald Zahorik, Amy Larson
Insurance, Health & Property: Amy Larson (Chair), Howard Frederickson, [Vacancy]
Parks: Howard Fredrickson (Chair), Dale Parrett, Amy Larson
Personnel: Amy Larson (Chair), Dale Parrett, Howard Frederickson
Streets: Dale Parrett (Chair), Dave Solander, [Vacancy]
Utilities: Dale Parrett (Chair), Ron Zahorik, Dave Solander
Master Plan Commission: Mayor and all Council Members